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It only takes minutes to design your debit card. Customizing your card is simple. Better yet, there won't be any lapse in your ability to use the card. Continue using your existing First National Bank debit card until you receive your new MyCard debit card.

General Information
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Design options


Make your card pop with the photo of your choice.


Choose from:

  • Gallery images – Browse professional photos in our image gallery
  • Upload your photo - Upload your favorite photo or image

Select an image

When deciding which photo to use on your debit card, consider:

  • Family Friend or pet photos
  • A Vacation spot
  • Your favorite collectible
  • Your child’s artwork

Delivery timeline


Please allow up to 14 days to receive your MyCard debit card.


Note: Upon receiving your MyCard debit card, you may properly destroy and dispose your old card.


MyCard fee is $7.


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You must be a customer of First National Bank of Fort Smith with a debit card and your account must be in good standing. 


Design options

You can customize the design of your debit card in a variety of ways:

  1. Upload an image: Make your card one-of-a-kind by uploading your own image. The image will cover the entire card background.
  2. Choose one of our “Mascot” designs to support your local school.
  3. Select one of First National Bank of Fort Smith’s existing card designs: If you’d rather choose one of our image gallery designs you will not be able to alter the card design.


Image approval/denial

Every submitted image is reviewed for compliance with our Image Guidelines. First National Bank of Fort Smith reserves the right to reject any image we believe violates our Image Guidelines. If an image is rejected, you will be notified by email within two business days. You may submit a new image any time following your rejection notification. 


Design fees

The fee to produce a personalized card is $7. This fee will be deducted from your checking account. 



Your card will be created and mailed within 14 business days after your image has been submitted and approved by First National Bank of Fort Smith. 

Card activation

Activate your new card immediately. 

Card expiration

Upon card expiration, a new card will be issued. Unless changed by you, the same card design will be sent to you. 


Lost or stolen card

If your debit card is lost or stolen, click here.



What is a MyCard debit card?

MyCard is a debit card made unique to you when you choose a photo image or a card image for the face of your debit card rather than our standard First National Bank card image. Of course, there are image guidelines, but as long as your image complies with those basic rules, you can create a debit card that’s unique to you.


Is there a fee for a MyCard debit card?

The fee to create a MyCard debit card is $7. This fee will be deducted from your checking account the day the card is ordered.


Can I create a MyCard debit Card if I’m not a customer of First National Bank of Fort Smith?

No. You will need a First National Bank of Fort Smith checking account.  If you would like to apply for a First National Bank of Fort Smith checking account, you can apply online.


How do I customize the MyCard debit card?

Card personalization is easy. Just follow the simple instructions on our MyCard debit card page.


Do I need any special equipment to order the card?

You just need a computer with access to the Internet and Adobe Flash installed.


What size and format does the Custom Debit Card image need to be in?

The image needs to be in jpeg, gif or png format and at least 480 x 480 pixels. To ensure your card looks good, choose a clear, sharply-focused image, taken at a high resolution (at least 300dpi).


Where does the image need to be stored?

Your image needs to be stored somewhere on your computer’s hard drive where it can be uploaded.


What if I can’t upload the photo electronically, can I send a hard copy?

No, MyCard debit cards designs can only be created through submission online.


Can I preview or store my uploaded images online?

You will be able to preview your uploaded image(s) during the personalized design process. Once you close out of the design program, the images you uploaded are not stored. Therefore, it is important for you to complete the card design process before closing out.

Once your image has been approved, we will keep the image on file for five years. If you choose to select a new design, your original image will no longer be available.


How will I know if my image is accepted or declined?

Every submitted image is reviewed for adherence to our Image Guidelines. You will only receive an email if your image was declined; in that case, you’ll have the opportunity to submit another photo.


When will I receive my customized debit card?

Your card will be mailed within 14 business days from image approval to the address on file.


Does creating a MyCard debit card change my card number?

No, with a MyCard debit card order your card number will not change.


Does MyCard debit card PIN change?

No, your MyCard Debit Card will use your current PIN.


Do I need to activate my new debit card?

Yes, please activate your new card immediately upon receipt for your protection. 


How many times can I change the image on my debit card?

You can change the image on your card as often as you would like. Fees may apply.


Can my joint account holders design their own debit cards, too?

Sure! Every card associated with the account can be customized by the individual cardholder for a design fee of $7 per card. 


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