First National Bank of Fort Smith offers efficient and cost-effective solutions for accepting card payments to thousands of merchants throughout the United States.

Merchant Benefits

Accepting Visa and MasterCard allows businesses to offer additional payment options, making it easier to sell service or products.

A Merchant Account Can Provide:

  • Convenience

    Allowing for immediate sales

  • Reduced Receivables

    Reduce your 30-, 60-, or 90-day outstanding receivables

  • Funds Deposited

    Funds are deposited directly into your checking account within 24 to 48 hours

  • Easy Reconciliation

    Merchants receive the gross amount of their card deposits; processing fees are charged at month-end. Weekly or daily deposit summary statements detail all card transactions. A monthly statement includes a summary of deposits and fees.

Processing Options

Electronic transmission is effortless and the most economical method of card processing, making it the top choice for most merchants.

With Electronic Ticket Capture (ETC), card transactions are authorized, posted and deposited electronically, eliminating the need to physically transport card items to the bank for deposit.

With ETC, you gain flexibility and control over your merchant account with the ability to make adjustments or corrections to card transactions. The most common electronic processing methods are:

  • Audio Response Unit (ARU)

    This method is a viable alternative for paper of low-volume merchants. Merchants utilize a touch-tone telephone to key in merchant and cardholder information. No additional equipment is required, just your touch-tone telephone and an imprinter.

  • Point-of-Sales Terminals (POS)

    This method is most often used in a retail environment where the card is swiped through a POS terminal. The ability to swipe the card reduces the risk of fraudulent transactions and results in the lowest available processing fees.

  • Internet Processing

    Process retail or mail/telephone transactions using our "Virtual Terminal" product, or use our gateway product to process your internet transactions. Our affordable internet solution can eliminate the need to purchase hardware or software.

Whatever your business goals, we are here to help you succeed.

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