Today’s Fort Smith – 64.6 Downtown

We sat down with Executive Director of 64.6 Downtown, Talicia Richardson, to discuss their recent video, “Today’s Fort Smith”. Richardson stated, “64.6 Downtown wanted to create buzz with Today’s Fort Smith of the downtown activity and economic commerce produced from events like Peacemakers Music Festival, Ales for Trails, Fort Smith Marathon, and of course, The Unexpected.” When asked how she thinks First National Bank plays a role in promoting Fort Smith, Richardson said, “Consider Fort Smith a blank canvas with everyone contributing and the community as a whole is not realizing that these individual pieces are creating a masterpiece.” Richardson continued by saying, “First National Bank is established in the community and contributes to this masterpiece. Their philanthropy can be seen through their monetary contributions and their presence in the community through volunteerism of their employees.” First National Bank is so grateful to have community partners like 64.6 Downtown to help showcase our community and inspire us to continuously show our commitment to this community. Check out the “Today’s Fort Smith” and show your love for Fort Smith by sharing the video with our community!

Special thanks to:
Executive Producer: John McIntosh, 64.6 Downtown
Editor: Travis Joiner, 777 Productions
Footage: Travis Joiner and Phillip Person
Music score: Amos Cochran
Script: Buddy Pinneo
Narrator: Erick David
Sponsors: 64.6 Downtown, First National Bank, Ghan & Cooper Commercial Properties

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